Here are some answers to the most common questions.

Which sizes of objects are you able to scan?

Nearly every size. From 1 cm small objects, like coins, to big areas (countryside). Everything is possible!

Are you able to scan every material?

There are certain materials which are hard to scan, but we have new developed techniques which let us scan almost everything, even glossy material.

Is it possible to implement scans into GIS databases?


Is it possible to scan grave inscriptions?


Do you come on location also?

Of course! Our team will be happy to visit you and scan on location.

What kind of data files do you provide and how could i forward them to colleagues?

We provide many file formats, virtually all 3D formats, which are common on the market. Also we upload your models to sketchfab, which is a great way to show the results to colleagues or the public.

How accurate is your scan?

Well this depends. We scan in submillimeter  (accuracy under 0.01 mm) range. But sometimes it’s not necessary to have that accuracy, especially with bigger objects or areas, But its your choice and requirement which counts 😉

What are the costs for all this?

Just ask. We promise very fair prices! And we are much cheaper than you would think. 😉

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